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Expected Publication, 4/2020

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5 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020


The year shows five marketing strategies growing in prominence according to business media news reports. Customer experience and leveraging technology to reach your audiences continue to lead trends. Pending your specific business, try these strategies.

Monthly Blog Post

Try-A-Million, Binary Options Client

Published, 2014


Success Tips for Trading Binary Options

Binary options success stories depend on several factors. Goal setting, self-education, and choosing the right tools are a few of these binary options secrets.  Investors who use investment goals, who are familiar with their assets and who self-educate themselves have a positive, investment experience.


In this binary options article you will soon discover more about:

  • Having an Investment Philosophy and Goals

  • The Importance of Self-Education

  • The Importance of Choosing a Binary Option

  • Becoming Familiar with Investment Tools

  • The Importance of Having a Mentor

Consumer Interest Article 

Article for Client Site, Triple Curve, 2013


Surviving an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is a class of mental illnesses where behaviors, weight, and food are core elements. The diseases are potentially life-threatening. Subsequently, eating disorder survival depends on understanding the disorder, keeping a realistic outlook, seeking professional help, and having a coping plan in place. Using these tips helps individuals, their families, and their friends weather challenges.


What Are Eating Disorders?

First, eating disorders are mental illnesses usually grouped into four categories. The categories are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and eating disorders not otherwise specified (ED-NOS) according to the National Eating Disorders (NED) website. Next, eating disorders are more than just food indulgences, fads, or crazes. Affected individuals have varying degrees of emotional, physical, and mental behavior governing their approach to food. Managing or overcoming these behaviors requires professional help, medical and mental health, over some time. It also means using the support of family and friends in a structured, non-confrontational manner according to NED.


Product Description

Article for Home Improvement Client, Arden Enterprises, 2012

Product Review: Insinkerator Excel 1.0 HP, Evolution

Notice the tone and writing style of the review. For a product rated highly, the tone will be positive. For a product rated poorly the tone will be negative. Be sure to talk about important features.

In addition to being extremely powerful, this disposal is also very quiet. The InSinkErator Excel uses SoundSeal Plus technology, an anti-vibration mount, and a Quiet Collar sink baffle to significantly reduce vibrations and sound, making this disposal more than 60% quieter than standard garbage disposals.