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High-Interest Topic Pitch, Popcorn Lung


Identified topic as a high-interest topic during routine SEO research. Also, competitors had no content on the topic. Achieved management buy-in when search traffic estimates suggested a first-page rank and could achieve 3K+ page views on publication. After publication in April 2017, the reference article made first-page, first-position in Google search engine results page (SERPs) and achieved over 5K page views within three months after publication.

Article Reference URL:, original publication date April 2017.

Statistics: SERPs Position Rank, Monthly Keyword Search Volume as of 4/2/2020 SEMRush

  • Keyword: Popcorn Lung, Position #0, 165K

  • Keyword: What is popcorn lung, Position #2, 14.8K


Curated Content Collection

Diabetes Complications Directory, WebMD, Published 2017

Wrote copy for directory description and created metadata.


  • Window Title: Diabetes Complications

  • Meta Description: Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of diabetes complications including medical references, news, pictures, videos, and more.

  • Meta Keywords: diabetes complications, diabetic emergencies, diabetic danger signals, warning signals for diabetes.


LinkedIn Post

FiberNexxt Communications

Create/Curate/Share Posts Around Fiber Broadband Themes and Trends

Published 3/2020

Getting Broadband to Rural Areas

Rural broadband has broad consumer interest and matches FiberNexxt Communications' brand. Created post to highlight FiberNexxt's broadband interest and share a human interest story. Post drew traffic to website.

Post Link:

Phone:  404.449.5538


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