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5 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020


The year shows five marketing strategies growing in prominence according to business media news reports. Customer experience and leveraging technology to reach your audiences continue to lead trends. Pending your specific business, try these strategies.




Customer Experience

The old cliché, the customer is king, still holds. Forbes.com reported, "80% (of customers) admitted they'd be more likely to give their business to a company that offered them a personalized experience. " How to personalize? On the person to person aspect, training company associates in customer service and making customer service a company objective provides a good starting point. Unfriendly employees or associates with bad attitudes is a top influencer for buying decisions according to a poll from Marketinginsidergroup.com.


As for marketing strategies, try breaking up your customer base into groups, and tailoring messaging gives personalized attention. Emails, newsletters, and direct mail are useful tools for targeted messaging. Also useful is advertising specific to your customer. It means investing time, but it pays off in customers seeing information that relevant to them with products and services they want to buy.


Mobile Marketing

Even if you don't live on your phone, you see more ads anytime you are on your phone. There are a few low or no-cost ways to leverage mobile marketing besides buying ads. The main social media platforms have apps and are a good way to message your customers.


Don't forget social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. They are gaining traction as a means of reaching customers reports ThreeDigital.com, a digital marketing service. Also, texting services like EZ Texting, Sendinblue, or SimpleTextin may offer affordable ways to message customers.


Shoppable Posts

Social media is a necessary factor in online marketing. Communities interact with their members sharing reviews, information, and opinions. Forbes.com reports, " a survey of more than 4,000 Pinterest users found that 70% use Pinterest to find new and interesting products."

Marketing Professionals Consulting with Client


Social media platforms that allow direct purchases, demos, and more have increased over the years. Social media is not just for community building. Customers love the convenience of one-click for purchases, according to Inc.com. The business website says it will be the norm in 2020.



Visual Content

If you are not aggressively using photos, videos, and interactive content (quizzes, polls, or popups), your social media and website copy may appear bland. Visual content entices and engages.


Most social media platforms have allowed videos and live streams for some time now. If you haven't added them to your online content, you may be putting your product or service at a disadvantage. Videos, interactive content, and high-quality photos add interest and keeps audiences engaged.




Whether your business is a start-up or growing, using a combination of marketing tactics is a sound strategy. Personalizing a customer experience increases their interaction with your business. No business survives without customers. Using strategies like mobile marketing, shoppable social media posts, and utilizing visual content, create social media and website experiences that keep your audience tuned in to your message.




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4 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020 Highlights


  • Customer Experience. Your audience expects you to tailor your service to their needs. Focus on relationship building and solving their problems. Think about targeting specific groups within your customer base with blogs, emails, and promotions.


  • Mobile Marketing. Customers get information while on the move. Consider a custom app, SMS, or advertising to reach customers.


  • Shoppable Posts. As mobile marketing reaches audiences where they are, audiences become more open to buying on social media.


  • Visual Content. Avoid bland content by adding vibrant photos, quizzes, polls, or videos. Audiences who experience their content, shares their content.

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